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What can your organization accomplish with stories powered by authentic emotion?  Raise money?  Win new converts?  Inspire action?  How about all of the above?

Check out this documentary we produced for the Big Ten Network about the UW-Madison Odyssey Project.


StoryBridge helped Odyssey Project organize a special screening at Sundance Theater to raise funds and build awareness.  This presentation, along with screenings at other venues, generated more than $10,000 in donations, according to program founder and director Professor Emily Auerbach.

Outreach and Publicity

Auerbach and UW System President Kevin Reilly shared the story with teachers and administrators at other campuses.  As a result, the University of Minnesota Provost Office contacted Odyssey Project to discuss how to establish a similar program.

Odyssey Project’s appearance on “Forward Motion” also generated coverage on local TV shows, newspapers, and websites.  “I believe we also have a boost in volunteers and donors as a result of the film giving a “national”face to our project,”says Auerbach.

Emotional Impact

Odyssey Project is using the story to recruit new nontraditional students. Here’s what some current and former students had to say about being part of the effort:

“I just viewed the Odyssey film and it is WONDERFUL and UPLIFTING!!!!  Odyssey changed my life for the better in more ways than you can imagine; changes that will last a lifetime.”  Angela McAlister – 2007 Graduate

“I couldn’t stop crying. I was so full of pride and thankfulness.  It makes me feel like I have been a part of something truly revolutionary and historic.” Hedi Rudd – 2012 Graduate

“It was an emotional and motivating film which helped push me forward to the completion of the first semester. It made me proud to see all of my classmates in the film.”  Sharisse Hancock – 2013 Student

“I struggle to find the words to express how amazingly wonderful and proud I felt while watching the video.  I am forever grateful to be a part of the Odyssey family.”  Marilyn Sims – 2006 Graduate


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