Green View Series

ev experience poster

Electric Vehicle Experience

Area students get a chance to get under the hood of the latest electric vehicles (EVs) in this hands-on, one-of-a-kind experience. Leave a comment for your chance to win an electricity usage monitor! Here are the official rules.

ev 2020 640 x 370 poster

EV 2020

Electric vehicles (EVs) created a lot of excitement at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show! Take a sneak peek at the variety of electric models that will soon hit the road including SUVs, pickups and sports cars.

charge ahead poster frame

Charge Ahead

One local family shares how their new electric car fits perfectly into their lifestyle. It’s practical, convenient to charge and enjoyable to drive! See how easy it is to charge an electric vehicle (EV) through MGE’s Charge@Home program. A single charge gets the Brosius family where they want to go in their EV!

ev fleet 640 x 370

Fleets Go Electric

Are electric vehicles a good fit for fleets? See how the City of Madison will save money and reduce emissions by going electric.

before you buy poster frame

LovEV: Before You Buy

Every new car buyer has research to do, and EV drivers Lauri and Michael are no exception. See how they discovered answers to their EV questions. Then tell us what you think about the story for a chance to win a pair of Teckin smart plug Wi-Fi outlets. We’re giving away four pairs this month! Here are […]

ev bus poster

EV Bus

The electric buses are coming! Learn about the battery-powered, all-electric vehicles heading to town. Watch the story and leave a comment for your chance to win a smartplug WiFi outlet! Here are the official rules.

ev every day poster frame

EV Every Day

A few years back, electric vehicles didn’t always make sense for busy families. See how new EV options made going electric the perfect choice for the Hellmers.

ev power of change poster frame

Power of Change

After decades of false starts, electric vehicles are here to stay. See why one local driver loves his EV’s high efficiency – and high impact on the environment. Congrats to Larry P. and Phil D. — they each won a Teckin smart plug WiFi outlet for their great comments on this story!  

drive it home feature web

Drive It Home

Charging an electric vehicle just keeps getting easier – and faster. See how a new MGE program makes high-speed EV charging simple, right from the comfort of your garage.

autonomous poster

Auto Pilot

Did you know autonomous minivans are already on the road in Japan? Get a sneak peek at electric cars capable of driving completely by themselves, coming soon to a road near you. Congrats to Kathy K. — she won an energy-saving TaoTronics LED desk lamp for her great comment about the story! Stay tuned for […]