Night of Baseball

Mallards meet MGE

Community, energy, and baseball all came together this summer for one special night at the Duck Pond. Grab some peanuts and Cracker Jack, then see how much fun learning about energy can be.

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  1. Eduard Rusi said:

    there is nothing better than to learn from experience, hopefully a lot more light bulbs will light up as people watch this video. It is really a powerful message, it takes energy to make energy and we can all help.

    at 2:08 pm on September 1, 2016
  2. Audrey Lucier said:

    If you have another night like this, let me know date please!

    at 2:41 pm on September 1, 2016
  3. James Penczykowski said:

    Fabulous Video!

    at 2:53 pm on September 1, 2016
  4. Candace said:

    Looked like a great night. Lots of fun and I like the bike ride for power piece–really shows how demos can bring better understanding. The video was just a bit long, like 15 seconds too long. I like the last line. I like the diversity of individuals on the video. Maybe cut a little of the fans, they kind of repeat themselves. Thanks

    at 4:11 pm on September 1, 2016
  5. Holly Prince said:

    Great video, great community event. MG&E does a really good job at helping to educate the community. Hats off to you!

    at 4:22 pm on September 1, 2016
  6. Kelly Haslam said:

    This looked like a really successful event. At a Mallards game people are relaxed and not in a rush. Also, with the displays being interactive and educational … it helped people be more engaged.

    at 7:47 pm on September 1, 2016
  7. Patricia A Prime said:

    a very cool way to show people possibilities in sustainability

    at 9:24 pm on September 1, 2016
  8. Brian Frey said:

    That was a great idea to take energy saving tips out into the community. It is great that you had a Nissan Leaf there. I recently bought one, and part of the reason I did was b/c my neighbors had one, so I could see how it looked pretty much like a normal car. You provided that option for lots of people at the Mallards game.

    at 9:58 pm on September 1, 2016
  9. Tom Yager said:

    Looked like a really fun event.
    Great to see the bike powering the different lights.

    Any chance of building a team of bikes connected to a flywheel to pump juice into the grid?

    Thanks for your work in promoting green energy.

    at 10:21 pm on September 1, 2016
  10. Mary Ploeser said:

    So glad MG&E takes the learning to the people. We are very interested in getting an electric car.

    at 7:45 am on September 2, 2016
  11. Laura Hemming said:

    I know I’d rather learn about an electric car from MGE people than from a high pressure car salesperson.

    at 9:29 am on September 2, 2016
  12. Karl said:

    It’s great that a baseball team that attracts so many different kinds of people helps to put on such an informative event! Thanks, Mallards and thanks, MG&E!

    at 1:17 pm on September 2, 2016
  13. Carol Jean Krause said:

    Such an interesting video!
    This outing (Mallards Game at Warner Park in Madison) where the public can learn all the cool things being developed by MG&E is so great!
    Thank you MG&E!

    at 4:13 pm on September 4, 2016
  14. barb foulk said:

    I am pro green energy power, appreciate the way you have presented this to both the youth and me. Because of your information, I am slowly changing our habits to reflect the power saving options.

    at 11:45 am on September 5, 2016
  15. Steven Foemmel said:

    Good program!

    at 11:45 am on September 6, 2016
  16. Shel said:

    Looks like a great night of fun and education. I wish I would have known about it beforehand. I will have to pay attention next year!


    at 10:57 am on September 7, 2016
  17. Michelle Buerger said:

    It’s nice to see MGE engaging with the community about energy efficiency.

    at 7:48 pm on September 9, 2016

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