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  1. Mark said:

    This is a great initiative! I have an Ecobee thermostat and I’m excited to a sign up! Way to go MG&E!

    at 10:29 pm on April 27, 2021
  2. Ms. LuAnn M Paepke said:

    Always conscious of energy savings. This looks good.

    at 3:01 pm on April 29, 2021
  3. Teresa K said:

    The video answered my questions. I’ll sign up! (And hi, Doug!)

    at 5:36 pm on April 29, 2021
  4. Catherine Willette said:

    GREAT idea!! Thanks MG&E for continually working to save energy!!!

    at 5:40 pm on April 29, 2021
  5. Julie Fitzpatrick said:

    I’m going to sign up as soon as I finish this comment!

    at 7:04 pm on April 29, 2021
  6. Jared Ramthun said:

    Great way to help the planet and save money at the same time!

    at 8:02 pm on April 29, 2021
  7. Diana Rhoads said:

    I feel I’m an “electric” person….glad to go as green as I can! I am passionate about climate change and recycling.

    at 8:57 pm on April 29, 2021
  8. Valerie Schend said:

    Still trying to determine if the shift from programmable is worth it.

    at 9:42 pm on April 29, 2021
  9. Linda Karr said:

    This is an easy way to avoid overusing the grid along, with many others, so this could be very effective.

    at 9:53 pm on April 29, 2021
  10. Douglas Otto said:

    Great idea I will be signing up for this

    at 3:28 am on April 30, 2021
  11. Barb Brown said:

    I like the idea of contributing. But am concerned about having a thermostat connected to Wi-Fi. How is it protected from hacking?

    at 11:07 am on April 30, 2021
    • MGE said:

      Typically security is built into your wi-fi router and network itself and would be dependent on that device and how you have set up your network. The individual thermostat devices may have security built into them, such as WPA/WPA2 security when connecting to your wi-fi network. You would need to check with those vendors and specific thermostat models to determine what type of security protections they offer. If this is a concern, consider contacting your wi-fi router and/or thermostat manufacturer to understand how to best protect your network and devices.

      at 7:20 pm on April 30, 2021
  12. Stuart Utley said:

    I’m wondering if this program replaces a previous one where an external device controlled by MG&E could shut off your A/C during peak use, in exchange for a credit. Or, is this just a supplement or alternative to that, and is it compatible with rooftop solar and time of use billing?

    at 1:44 pm on April 30, 2021
    • MGE said:

      At a high level, you are correct. MGE Connect replaces our older A/C switch program, Power Control, which ended in 2019, although the functionality and operation of the program are fairly different. With Power Control, we remotely controlled your actual air conditioner. With MGE Connect, we change your thermostat set point for an event, which you can opt-out of at any time. The program is currently available to MGE residential customers, including those who have rooftop solar and/or are on our time-of-use rate.

      at 7:21 pm on April 30, 2021
  13. Dorothy said:

    This is a great idea, however I don’t have a smart thermostat.

    at 3:26 pm on April 30, 2021
  14. Dale Vollmert said:


    I am happy to comment on the virtues of energy savings in anyway that I can! The sooner we stop being so dependent on non-renewable energy sources thee better! Let’s all strive for renewable options instead. The Nest Thermostat is a great way we can all participate and lighten our environmental footprint. Also, we participate in every green program MGE has. Including, buying an electric car (Nissan Leaf) and having MGE install a superior APP. enabled charging station in our garage. Thank you MGE. Additionally, we signed on for MGE to have access to our Nest Thermostat and make changes as needed at their will to soften the demand on energy during peak times. One more program we signed up for is their solar share program. It is also the right thing to do! That goes without saying. So, come on everyone get out there, sign up for as many programs as you can and join us on the green band wagon!

    Dale and Jane Vollmert

    at 7:06 pm on April 30, 2021
  15. Michelle Buerger said:

    Smart thermostats can help our homes become more energy efficient.

    at 7:04 am on May 1, 2021
  16. Douglas Otto said:

    Unfortunately they don’t make a thermostat for wood burners,

    at 4:12 am on May 29, 2021

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