Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses

Green for good

Four generations of family have helped make Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses an institution on Madison’s east side.  See how Madison Gas and Electric and FOCUS ON ENERGY® helped Klein’s make sustainable improvements for the next generation. 

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  1. Rick Amasino said:

    Wonderful story

    at 4:07 pm on October 29, 2020
  2. Libbey Meister said:

    I recently stopped in the new space to buy a bouquet for my daughter’s birthday. It was really nice space! It is cool to see this renovation~

    at 4:07 pm on October 29, 2020
  3. Tanya Drews said:

    What a touching story!! I like it was said that there’s a money savings that comes along with being energy efficient…but more than that, it’s the right thing to do for future generations. This story makes we want to go out and buy a beautiful plant from Kleins!

    at 4:08 pm on October 29, 2020
  4. Marilyn Helleckson said:

    What a beautiful greenhouse. Klein’s is my favorite florist. Just to go into the store is great. So many beautiful flowers and plants.

    at 4:17 pm on October 29, 2020
  5. Michael Hibbler said:

    A wonderful neighborhood establishment. I’ve been shopping there for 25 yrs.

    at 4:41 pm on October 29, 2020
  6. Ashley K said:

    Interesting history of a loved Madison business. We always shop for our balcony flowers there. Glad they are taking energy efficiency seriously.

    at 5:00 pm on October 29, 2020
  7. Stuart Utley said:

    That’s a massive new greenhouse complex! It’s fantastic that the owner incorporated so many energy saving features from the beginning. I admire and always try to preferentially patronize such community oriented, sustainable businesses. Congratulations to Klein’s Floral and MG&E on your wonderful partnership in wise stewardship!

    at 5:07 pm on October 29, 2020
  8. Steve Walter said:

    Good to see business investing in a green future. Another reason to shop there.

    at 5:12 pm on October 29, 2020
  9. Karen Anderson said:

    Klein’s has a beautiful greenhouse and store. I have stopped at Kleins several times for a gift and was able to buy gift, card and paper in the store. The plant selections are fantastic. The video is very heartwarming and sincere.

    I am a big fan of FOCUS ON ENERGY. I have used their services in my home and always welcomed their advice.

    at 5:53 pm on October 29, 2020
  10. Karen Anderson said:

    Klein’s has a beautiful greenhouse and store. I have gone in several times to buy a gift and was able to get a card and paper as well. The video is very heartwarming, a true testament to the Klein family’s commitment.

    I have used FOCUS ON ENGERY in my own home and always welcomed their advice.

    at 5:59 pm on October 29, 2020
  11. Cynthia A. Wright said:

    I think it’s great Klein’s Floral & Greenhouses are completely energy efficient! They are an important “Green” role model for our local Madison community!

    at 6:19 pm on October 29, 2020
  12. Mary Swita said:

    I LOVE Klein’s! I have been shopping here for 23 years! I admire Sue and her ambition to keep her family business “flowering.” I love the new eco friendly buildings. It’s easy to shop the variety of gorgeous plants and gifts.The staff is always pleasant and helpful! I have been a customer in times of need, i.e. funerals and illnesses as well as celebrations, i.e. weddings and birthdays. I always purchase my Sping and Summer yard “beauty” from Klein’s! I’ve also taken a few classes on planter arrangements and have really enjoyed learning!
    Thanks for sharing with everyone in Madison, our eastside gem, Klein’s!

    at 8:31 pm on October 29, 2020
  13. Susan Fadness said:

    A lovely story. The new energy efficient, “green” green house is wonderful. So glad they had the vision to rebuild there business. Love shopping at Klein’s.

    at 9:28 pm on October 29, 2020
  14. Janet Bybee said:

    It was amazing to learn the Klein’s generational story and to see the progress and improvements they made to their structures to provide that Focus on Energy that has made their business continue to “blossom and flourish”!

    at 9:52 pm on October 29, 2020
  15. Rong Xiao said:

    we love klein’s. so awesome that they were able to built sustainably.

    at 12:43 am on October 30, 2020
  16. Carol Jean Krause said:

    I 💘, love this video. Sue Klein’s parents were the same age as my parents. My dad was born in 1913 and my mom in 1915. I remember Sue Klein’s mom fondly as I am 68 years old. I love this greenhouse!

    at 1:02 am on October 30, 2020
  17. Barb Brown said:

    This is so encouraging to see a local business putting energy (pun intended)
    Into the future of their business.

    at 7:56 am on October 30, 2020
  18. Jane said:

    I found your video on Klein’s very touching and enlightening. I have driven passed it many times, watching them tear down the old and put up the new. But I didn’t know how much of their design was geared toward energy efficiency. and how many of their staff are family or long term workers. Not only is it a beautiful greenhouse, right here in our city but now I know how filled it is with flower loving people. Thanks to all of them for keeping it going.

    at 8:12 am on October 30, 2020
  19. Madelyn Scheer said:

    This is a great example how it is up to all of us to be energy efficient for the future. Plant a tree. I will from now on do ALL my gardening business with Klein’s because of what I now know of their energy efficiency.

    at 11:46 am on October 30, 2020
  20. Valerie Schend said:

    What a legacy – bridging past and present.

    at 2:55 pm on October 30, 2020
  21. Michelle Buerger said:

    I’m glad that they were able to rebuild the greenhouse in such an energy-efficient way.

    at 5:32 am on November 2, 2020
  22. SANDY MC CONNELL said:

    I loved your story “Suzie”…. I remember when you were a little girl & how your mom would have you right there along side her in the greenhouse.

    My mom, Bernice Altenburg, worked in the greenhouse planting spring veggies & my brother, Jim Kloth, was a delivery man of flowers years ago.

    I have shopped there for years (40-50 yrs.) I love to come to your greenhouse during the holidays to see your beautiful “show”. I can never get out of there without buying something!

    Good luck for many more years of a beautiful business on the North Side.

    at 3:47 pm on November 2, 2020

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