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Fire trucks go electric

Madison’s new electric fire truck is the first of its kind in the United States!  See how MGE is helping our city’s fire department lead the charge to sustainable power.

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  1. Stacey Schaefer said:

    This is awesome. How can we make it happen at every fire station, in every firetruck?

    at 2:08 pm on September 23, 2021
  2. Gary L peterson said:

    Electric is the way to go. Keep promoting converting Madison’s fleet to electricity.

    at 2:08 pm on September 23, 2021
  3. Alex Melli said:

    Wow, seems like a perfect fit: short range, torque, always-ready, no emissions in the crowded firehouse…and green! Especially key is the single limitation of EVs, the driving range; I would expect that almost all usage of a fire engine is local, so this limitation is no longer an issue. I hope this gets a lot of attention and catches on everywhere!

    at 2:09 pm on September 23, 2021
  4. Joe S said:

    Very cool. Think of all the idle time involved in fire and rescue service vehicles and the reduction in emissions. Pierce is also another great Wisconsin company.

    at 2:22 pm on September 23, 2021
  5. Susan Eichhorn Jordan said:

    Wow! Way to go Madison. Good to hear that our fire fighters will have a safer environment in the fire houses. Quieter trunks good for the ears of the crews too. May all the trunks be electric in the near future.

    at 2:39 pm on September 23, 2021
  6. Val S said:

    Practical and efficient. Hoping to see more efforts towards green energy throughout all civil/government offices and businesses.

    at 2:45 pm on September 23, 2021
  7. M McCammick said:

    This is fabulous! So proud of Madison for taking the lead!

    at 2:47 pm on September 23, 2021
  8. James Niva said:

    Great way to lead. We should look to electrifying other fleets. Police, ambulance, streets division.

    at 2:51 pm on September 23, 2021
  9. Mark Landmark said:

    Great to be stepping in the forefront of this type of truck/service.

    at 3:00 pm on September 23, 2021
  10. jerry dempsey said:

    Great to see this advance in Madison. Hope mfg of the batteries and power source for recharging will eventually become carbon free as well.

    at 3:05 pm on September 23, 2021
  11. Richard Lathrop said:

    Knowing that big heavy trucks running short haul trips can be electric and do their job efficiently, quietly, and without exhaust pollution is a game changer for helping communities meet their carbon reduction goals! Way to go Madison Fire Dept.!!

    at 3:32 pm on September 23, 2021
  12. gs herrera said:

    I think this is a great and long time coming idea that has become a reality !
    Kudos to you Madison Fire Company,
    Question: are all the fire vehicles gone Electric, i.e., ladders, pumps, etc.?

    at 3:49 pm on September 23, 2021
  13. John E said:

    Great clip. Madison leads the way, and by example encourages other cities and other people to ditch the fossil fuel life.

    at 3:53 pm on September 23, 2021
  14. Jane A Dennis said:

    Amazing. Good job, folks. Go Green.

    at 4:11 pm on September 23, 2021
  15. John R said:

    Madison takes the lead in going green again! I hope that the City will look for electric choices when they purchase any new vehicles.

    at 4:22 pm on September 23, 2021
  16. H. Andersson said:

    Thank you Pierce for building this fire truck. Maybe you can design a cement truck too now, they are emitting lots of fumes in our neighborhoods.

    at 4:35 pm on September 23, 2021
  17. Greane Debra said:

    Really impressed!!!! I feel proud to live in the first city to have an electric fire truck. My nephew just became a firefighter in Georgia; I will be forwarding this info to him 😀

    at 4:53 pm on September 23, 2021
  18. Eastside Deb said:

    Super job by firefighting folks and MG&E. Video or on-site appearance by electric Engine #8 and personnel would be nice feature at next stockholders’ meeting (hint hint).

    at 7:24 pm on September 23, 2021
  19. Deborah Laurel said:

    What an amazing and creative use of electricity. It would never have occurred to me that we could have an electric-powered fire engine. I love the fact that Madison is leading the way!

    at 8:48 pm on September 23, 2021
  20. Jason A said:

    This is amazing! Need more municipalities to jump on board.

    at 9:40 pm on September 23, 2021
  21. Sara Ashton said:

    That is pretty flipping awesome. I know nothing about fire trucks but I bet they go through a ton of gas and I’m all for doing what we can to help save the planet. And it’s the first of it’s kind what a game changer.

    at 10:08 pm on September 23, 2021
  22. Susan Fadness said:

    Exciting! We need these in every firehouse across the city.

    at 10:24 pm on September 23, 2021
  23. Elizabeth Niblack-Sykes said:

    Such great news and engineering to reduce our emissions. Way to go!

    at 10:51 pm on September 23, 2021
  24. AnitaI Faulkner said:

    This is amazing. One thing that you don’t hear about often is that garage floors stay clean with electric vehicles. It seems this would be appreciated at fire stations even more than in my home.

    at 10:40 am on September 24, 2021
  25. Linda Karr said:

    Good for the environment!

    at 5:44 pm on September 24, 2021
  26. Phil Saunders said:

    Makes me feel safer in my ohm!
    All trips after the first are revolting!
    What a way for MFD to live up to its potential!
    No other fire department will be able to say “I [am peer] to MFD!”
    Watts next?

    at 2:02 pm on September 26, 2021
  27. Laura B. said:

    Found this while researching ideas for a sustainability study. I’m thrilled about the environmental impact of this truck. I’d love to know more about the social (quality of life) and economic (electric vs gas vehicle costs) impacts. I didn’t know firefighters ingested fumes while living at the station. It’s bad enough they have to suck our smoke when we burn down our houses. Providing pollution-free living conditions seems like the least we can do. Thank you firefighters.

    at 6:50 pm on November 17, 2021
  28. Amy Koeshall said:

    How exciting that Madison has the first in the country! Also love that they worked with the people who use it everyday to develop ways for it to work best.

    at 9:21 am on March 21, 2022
  29. Joan B said:

    Leave it to Madison’s Awesome Fire Department to be first! Saving the environment, while saving money, making the firetrucks more efficient and faster. who needs more exhaust at a fire anyway?

    at 4:21 pm on September 10, 2022


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