Extend Your Reach

It's time to be seen.

Stories shouldn’t exist in a vacuum!

Your video, no matter how compelling, can’t make an impact if no one’s watching. We’ll help viewers find your story, give it the “thumbs up,” talk about your tale over morning coffee, and share your message with everyone they know.

We call it social video — not simply posting your story on social sites but creating distribution networks of like-minded audiences.

When Heartland Credit Union wanted to tell the world about cooperatives, we produced the Own It! series featuring several local co-ops. We worked with each of these groups to share the message with their own social networks.  When their friends told their friends, the amplified posts resulted in more than a quarter-million views on Facebook alone.

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Our partner network helped Own It! stories find an international audience, discovered and shared by groups such as the Center for the Study of Co-operatives, Cooperative Alliance, the New Orleans Food Cooperative, the Ontario Co-operative Association, Cooperation Texas, and Bernalillo County La Unida.